Latte Art

First impressions count

Latte art can transform even the simplest of coffees into something special. Our research suggests that a coffee with latte art is perceived as a premium drink and increases customer satisfaction

Latte art money graph

Save time making coffee. Spend a few seconds making it beautiful.

With NESCAFÉ® Milano it takes less than half the time of a manual coffee machine to prepare a Latte. With just a few simple instructions from our expert ProCare consultants, your staff can enhance the presentation of the beverage while still satisfying customers faster.

Watch our master barista at work:

Chocolate wheel latte art decoration

Chocolate wheel

Difficulty: 1 (Easiest)

Chaplet latte art decoration


Difficulty: 2

Flame latte art decoration


Difficulty: 3

Celtic latte art decoration


Difficulty: 4

Flower latte art decoration


Difficulty: 5

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